What if Heather was a Fairytale Princess?

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**UPDATE** 2/16/2015

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What if Heather, the heroine in Every Five Years,  was a FairyTale Princess? 


If I had to compare Heather to a princess, she would most certainly be Cinderella. Why Cinderella you ask? Take a look at her story and you will see the similarities.

Heather Milanesi, a poor but compassionate maiden, is forced into a world of hardship and abuse at the hands of an evil mother-in-law, Bianca; an arrogant husband, Lance; and a selfish, attention seeking best friend, Brooke.

While slaving away at her job at Northford Insurance Company, Heather meets Nicolo Trevisani, a handsome and vivacious Prince, that shows her how fun life can be. But before they can reveal their true emotions to one another, Bianca, Lance and Brooke, are quick to push the clock to midnight, tearing them apart forever.

Desperate to find her again, Nicolo throws a grand affair in his kingdom every five years, with the hope that Heather will attend, but she continues to be burdened by chores and responsibilities.

Will Prince Nicolo ever find his only true love? Or will Heather’s oppressors continue to blunt her efforts?


OKAY!  Question time. Remember, to gain an entry to win those delicious brownies, you need to post a comment below with your answer, AND leave your email address so we can contact you on February 16th! Here we go:

One of the things I always do, and my family HATES it, is I pick apart random things in the princess movies. For example, in Cinderella, she spends 12 hours cleaning the entire mansion, goes up to the attic AS her step-sisters are leaving, and is surprised with a beautiful dress that the animals have sewn her. The step-sisters step out the door and she comes running down the stairs with the dress on. I cant help but ask: Didn’t she shower? Wash her hair? Doesn’t she smell like horrible body odor and cleaning chemicals? Did she even brush her teeth? Didn’t she shave her legs and armpits? Yes, my kids tell me to shut up, but things like this bug me.

Your question: What things have you found in Princess movies that make absolutely no sense and bug the crap out of you? 

Leave your answer in the comment section below with your email address. Good Luck. And dont forget to visit the other Websites and answer their unique questions!

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  1. In Aladdin there is one scene where Jasmine’s arm jewellery switches arms. It always annoys me, just one of those little things!


    1. Ha ha! I never noticed that!! Have to check it out!


  2. Why does the heroine always have to be abused and take crap? It always annoyed me that she never stands up for herself……


    1. SO true!! The newer princesses so. I always loved Mulan!


    1. My daughters and i say this every movie, every book, every story! It’s so bad, that now when we hear a story of a deceased mother, we look at each other, shake our heads, and say: “Another dead mother! WTH.” Hee hee You are so right!


  3. Too many of them are about being “rescued” by a man. Like the newer ones where the princess can take care of herself!


  4. It seems like most of them don’t have mothers and the father’s are all too willing to let them roam free or, as in Belle’s case, take his place. What dad would do that?


  5. I commented before and forgot my email address, but my comment isn’t showing up. I said something about how the mothers are always missing and the fathers let them roam free. Like with Belle…WHY does her father let her take his place?! The fathers are too soft. Or they’re missing, too….
    lilacqueen75 (at) gmail (dot) com


    1. I never thought of that. YOu’re right. The dad’s are too laid back. Even in snow white., and SLeeping beauty, AND aladdin! he hee


  6. Have you noticed the really skinny waists with the really big eyes lately?


    1. Yes! Maybe they think eyes are more important then waists.


  7. animals that can help clean

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


    1. Yup! Animals are always big parts in all the movies. They are all human-like too.


    1. Thats why i love Mulan and Tangled. The newer one are better.


  8. I recently saw the film “The Drop” and fell hard for TOM HARDY…. he’s my current Prince….. delish!
    writeoncindy (at) yahoo (dot) com


  9. lol I never thought of that. Good point! I cant help but think of Tangled and Rapunzel, the long hair, it looks like a dread lock, and i cant help but think how much it must stink! lol That, and how did either take a bath stuck in a tower. And with Cinderella, i hated how he had to find her by her shoe. lol How the heck did no one else fit it? And i agree with too many dead moms, and every mostly crappy fathers. And a lot of them feature horrible step mothers. Cant just one of them be good?
    Gotta agree with ya on Mulan, i love her!! 😀 That one is my favorite!
    Thank you! Hope your having fun!


    1. Shadow, everything you just said cracked me up! I never thought about washing all that damn hair. What a pain in the butt. And how much shampoo does she go through? As for Cinderella, you spend a whole night with someone and wouldnt be able to recognize them? They’d actually bring one of the stepsisters home and he’d say: “Yup, that looks just like her!” HA HA


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