The Bridges Before Us – Can you love yourself enough to know you deserve the best?

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By Christine Ardigo

What Does A Bridge Mean to You?

Bridges can bring individuals together or separate them, but with each crossing, we meet new people, and discover who we really want to be.

Hey guys! I’m Samantha Hart. Haven’t we all had a time in our lives when we didn’t exactly love who we were? Maybe even ‘changed’ with the hope of winning people over? I’m sure we all have. I mean, come on, who hasn’t watched the movie Grease ten-thousand times? But, is it what’s on the outside that matters? Unfortunately, that’s what people see first, and some never give us the chance, or look beneath the clothes and the makeup.


Growing up with a narcissistic mother and years of insults, it was hard to do. Throw in my Ex boyfriend that dumped me out of the blue, and a selfish boss who never notices the good anyone does, and you have my story. Twenty-four-years-old and stuck at a crossroad. Or, a bridge for that matter.

We all have the strength within us to change, grow, and discover who we want to be. I’m trying. I am. Trust me. In middle school I was the classic nerd. Sitting in the lunchroom alone, no friends, mom dressed me like I was a kindergartener. Sure I grew out of it. But then, I went to the other extreme. I hid behind a veil of black clothes and dark makeup. I looked cool though. People noticed me then!

At 24, not so cool anymore. I realize that. I do. Especially after a few incidents where I tried to help out in the community. You know, give back and volunteer. Especially with children. I love them! Children don’t judge. And, if you make them laugh, you’ve scored big. But, with my luck it backfired. Who’d ever guess my good deeds would land me in trouble?

Frustrated and at a loss, I almost gave up. If no one can see the compassionate person inside, why bother? So, I decided a walk on the wild side might do me some good.


I’ll admit, I was intrigued by the scandalous lifestyle of my dynamic coworker, Cara. A glamorous, sensual woman with hordes of friends and men. Outrageous stories and escapades. Maybe that was my problem. I needed a little reckless abandon in my life. Don’t we all? I’ve tried to be the good girl for years and where did that get me?

So, I attempted to transform myself into Cara’s sinful image. Not only in looks, but with her flirtatious ways, as well. A makeover, a change of attitude and Poof! Let’s have some fun!


Unfortunately, a series of events took me down a destructive path. Let me tell you, Cara’s life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, this new path was meaningless, and made me feel more hollow inside. I realized I needed someone with better judgment to steer me in the right direction, but it was someone I least expected. A man who hates everything about me! He’s always picking on me, pointing out my faults, and sees me at my worst. Like that time I thought no one was looking and danced down the corridor at work. Or, sang at the top of my lungs in my office. How embarrassing!

Can I trust a man who laughs at all my embarrassing moments, or can he see beneath my façade? And, will I ever learn to love the quirky person inside me?


A romance like no other, The Bridges Before Us, teaches us to love ourselves, embrace who we are, and never change for the sake of pleasing others.

What do you think? Have you ever changed to get someone to like you? Did you ever go out of your way or buy things to convince people you were special? A great catch? A nice person?

My third book in the series is now published! I’d love to know what you think.


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I love hearing from you!

Christine Ardigo – Author of Cheating to Survive, and Every Five Years


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  1. Ha, some things about this character’s backstory seem like you might have been writing about my life. 🙂


    1. Thank you. I think we all have a little Sam in all of us!


  2. Great blog post! Yes, I have stifled myself often to make others feel more comfortable around me…but, in the end, never felt “real.” I don’t know when it started, but I’d say for me it began later in life. In high school I was the popular girl, in college I really didn’t give a damn what people thought, but it was only later that I started to change who I was to fit a mold I thought was “appropriate” and lost myself in the process.

    This sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you . I think we all have a little Sam in all of us!


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