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Welcome to the weekly Scintillating Sunday Showcase, The Mile High Muses’ permanent blog hop where 8 paragraphs, sentences, or words from your romance or erotica novel will elevate reader’s sensual expectations and take romance to soaring heights.



“Will Cheating on your Husband Bring Unimaginable Pleasure, or Completely Destroy Your World?” Find out, when Heather is the first to take the plunge:

“Of course, yes, I mean no. I think it would be something that if you and I were…”  Heather squeezed her fist in between her thighs. “Well, we couldn’t anyway.”

“Why not?” Dr. Silvatri asked.

“We’re both married.”

“Is that a problem?”

Heather’s heart pounded so furiously against her chest she felt dizzy. She stared at him for a good fifteen seconds. “Your call,” she heaved out, her breathing rapid now.

He no longer inched toward her. Extensive thrusts propelled him across the room as if he had waited forever for her to say those words. Right before his chair knocked into hers, Silvatri leaped up, whipped it around in a half circle and crashed back into it, removing the obstructive backrest. He secured her cheekbones under his thumbs and drew her lips in to his.

His juicy mouth smashed onto hers, biting and sucking, like former lovers reunited. The feel of his powerful tongue against hers, was exactly as she imagined. She drove back wanting to climb inside. Silvatri’s right hand clutched the back of her head and clamped down on her hair. They say it’s in his kiss, and it was. Passionate and yearning, a deep desire concealed for months. There, in his kiss, she felt it.

Heather snagged it. A kiss. A tiny wish of hers, finally granted and her life took on new meaning. One kiss and hope restored.

But in one swooping motion, he removed his hands from her face, grabbed her ass and lifted Heather onto his lap. Heather froze. Only a kiss. His mouth covered hers again, but with each motion, she unraveled and let go. His commanding precedent erased the past fifteen years of faithfulness she maintained with Lance. She wanted him, wanted this.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. His hands traveled from her ass, down her skirt and back up her legs. His thumbs probed the tiny folds between her thigh and pelvic bones, teasing.

He glided his hands to the underside of her skirt and cupped her bare ass. He pulled away and they looked into each other’s eyes while their breaths poured out in quick successions. “Wasn’t expecting that,” he panted.

She smiled, hoping her face remained colorless. At least the thong she threw on this morning redeemed her lifeless mommy apparel.

He snapped up, hoisted her by her ass into the air like a small child, and took two large strides over to the wall, pushing her against it. Silvatri released her and then leaned in, rubbing his loose scrub pants against her body. The cucumber she cut for Rori’s snack yesterday entered her mind.

No. Not now. No kids!

He pulled away and staggered into the wall behind him, breathing as heavy as she. “How private is this office?”

He wouldn’t. Not here. Would he? Would she?

“No one knows I’m in here.” He looked at the door. “It’s locked,” she continued, “I’m the only one with the key.”

That’s all he needed to hear. He seized her hand and then bent her over Catherine’s desk. Of all desks, why hers? She tipped over Catherine’s picture frame of her children with their grandparents and shoved it to the side. The image of the grandfather smoking a cigar with his vile toupee nauseated her. Then she thought of poor Rori throwing up last night. What was she doing?



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About the Author


I’m a registered dietitian/personal trainer who writes Women’s Fiction in my spare time. When weight lifting, rock climbing, white-water rafting, and jumping out of airplanes wasn’t enough, I decided to fulfill a dream I had as a child: to write a book.

I’ve lived in New York my entire life and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I have the beaches, the bay and the city, all a half hour away. I’ve built memories here with my husband, two silly daughters and a bunch of crazy friends, all whom I love very much.

Christine Ardigo – Author of Cheating to Survive, Every Five Years, and part of the Peace, Love & Romance Anthology

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