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Jackie: It uplifts you on so many levels it’s difficult to know where to start. I could relate to almost every single scenario in this book. Clearly when you think you are going through something alone there are many other women going through exactly the same difficulties and emotions.

The author brought out the characterizations brilliantly. There were so many times I knew exactly how the ladies felt. Made me want to tear my hair out in frustration at their predicaments. The husbands are well portrayed without going over the top. I am sure that every woman in the world has experienced similar situations to a certain degree.

Some of the scenes are very hard hitting, but I felt that they were done very well. It’s not until the women reach their lowest points that they can start to rebuild their lives and regain some dignity. There’s also a lovely side plot with the ghastly Dept boss and a member of the kitchen staff. I wanted to bash a bowl of fried artichoke hearts over her thick head and then stuff her through a shredder!

If a book can make emotions like this come to the fore for the reader there is no way it can be other than brilliant. I can’t wait to read more from this talented author.

Angelica: I must confess that I am surprised about this book and how it is told and the style in the book. It was not what I had expected and it took me by surprise but I must say that it made the book more memorable and the style fit the story very well, surprisingly well even. The book is very well written and the language is very well used to make the plot and twist in the book outstanding. The language helps to drive the story line and the story line is very realistic so it is easy to get drawn in to the book and get hooked. I read all 3 books in a day and that is not common for me to do but I couldnt get enough when I got into the book and into the story.

This book also challenged me and my viewings because I hate cheating and finds no excuse what so ever for it, but when I read this book I could put myself in the womens perspective and I sort of understood why they did it and what drove them to the point of doing what they did. I was so surprised who I could do this and still have my thoughts about cheating and well that hasnt changed but this gave me another perspective of things and what drives people into doing what they do.

Even if this book may sound heavy and dark it is not only that, it is romantic, it is funny and yes I laughed too. So the way the author can write a story that is kind of heavy and isnt the most easy subject and still make the book so awesome is something special and really good. I enjoyed the book a lot and I hope that I one day will have enough money over to buy this one and the rest as paperback because they are so good even if they challenge your views and perspective of life and makes you see things in different lights.

If you havent read this book yet, you have missed something because I felt like I had missed something when I was finished with it. Like Why hadnt I read this before?  So this book is a really really good book and a must read book.

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