Meet Catherine. Catherine has a Problem.

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By Christine Ardigo

Catherine Bordeau

Good morning, good morning, hope you’re having an incredibly peachy day. I’m Catherine and I’m so thrilled to meet your acquaintance.

Life is just ducky at the Bordeau residence. Everyone is smiling and happy and skipping along. We love spending time together and we’re just one big happy family.


Okay, that is NOT my family, although I wish it was. I always dreamed it would be like that. I make sure I look 100% put together seven days a week. I belong to the PTA, I volunteer as class mom every year and I run school fundraisers.

My children have never had a cavity, they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, their rooms are immaculate, the house spotless, their homework is always completed and we attend church every Sunday.

But for some reason my children hate me. No, I mean it. They tell me all the time. They slam doors on me, shush me, wave me off. Who knew eleven and nine year old boys could be so rude! My little Emily is such a doll but even she’s pulling away from me.

The worst though is Peter, my husband. He swept me off my feet in our final year of college, I kept thinking it was all a dream. But that’s all in the past now, I know he doesn’t love me anymore. All that late night partying. Who’s he with?

I blame myself. I decided to go back to work last year. I was losing it at home. I’ve tried to chummy up with other mom’s but they don’t seem too pleased with me. I’m even having a hard time making friends at the hospital where I work.

The doctor’s don’t even notice me. I try to be witty and tell jokes, but they all seem to run away!

Maybe I’m a little prudish, and maybe that’s why Peter stopped initiating sex two years ago, but sometimes (don’t tell anyone) I find my self dreaming of having a cup of coffee with one of the doctors, hearing them laugh at my jokes, or perhaps one of them actually listening to me while I speak.



No! I did not just say that out loud, did I? You didn’t hear that. That’s it, I’m going to hell. Straight to confession right after work this evening.

I know I shouldn’t be thinking of other men, but is my sex life really over at 35? Please tell me what I can do to rekindle my relationship with my husband. I need all the advice I can get.

Best regards, Catherine, from Cheating to Survive


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  1. You are definetly getting me hooked on reading your book. I hope it comes out soon!


  2. I’m so excited for this book. I can’t wait to read the finished product and hold a copy in my hot little hands!!!! Great job friend!!!! Love ya!!!!


    1. Thank you, I am excited too, and nervous all rolled up into one.


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