Fix It or Get Out

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“Fix It or Get Out”

Many Years ago, a close friend said that to me. What did it mean exactly? I thought about it many times and never forgot it because it applies to everything in life.

Don’t like your job? Fix the problems you’re dealing with or find a new job, or perhaps an entirely new career. (I know many author that have done just that!)

No longer getting along with that friend you’ve ‘carried around’ for twenty years? Fix the problems you’re having or move on. Don’t continue with the friendship just because of all the ‘memories’ you have. Excess baggage will just weigh you down and prevent you from being the best YOU there is.

Want to strangle your spouse? What’s the answer for this one? Marriage counseling? Divorce? Just suffer through it? Cheat on them? With all these scenarios on mind, it gave me the idea for the stories in my “Fix It or Get Out” Book Series.

I’m sure many women have experienced at least one of these portrayals, and that’s what makes these books so real. Clearly when you think you are going through something alone, there are many other women going through exactly the same difficulties and emotions.

Marry the wrong man? Did you know as you walked down the aisle? Fall OUT of love? Wonder how you ended up together in the first place? Think you’re not good enough to date that dream guy? What are your choices? Do you feel trapped? Hopeless?

The characters could be you or me, any of us really, and to follow their story brought about an awareness which many of us are unaware of unless we’re in that space in time. Real life situations with humor and sensitivity that are entertaining, convincing and reflective beyond the call.

So what do you need to fix in your life? What’s stopping you from achieving your goals? Are there any obstacles in your path? Don’t let them be you! It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have people in your life that support you and make you see who you really are inside. Who you are meant to become? What’s on your bucket list? Are you fulfilling all of your dreams?

Let me know!  I Love hearing From You!

Cheating to Survive, Every Five Years & The Bridges Before Us, Available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo.



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