Do you Diet? Do you Exercise? Tell us What you do to Stay Healthy.

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Question of the week: Do you diet and exercise? Tell us what you do to stay healthy.

Excellent question!  For those of you that don’t know, I’m a registered dietitian and a personal trainer, so that would be a big Yes! I wrote a great blogpost on Eating Healthy While Writing the Next Great Novel and I’d like to share it with you here:

When you’re sitting behind a computer all day (or night), in the middle of writing a great scene, the last thing you have time to do is stop and prepare a huge meal, or even a huge snack. How to you continue to eat healthy and churn out those 100,000 words? Here’s some great advice on how to do just that.

Nothing like starting your day with that hot cup of coffee, right? Not me. I will admit, I’ve never been a morning coffee drinker. A nice warm shower gets me going. Or if it’s a lazy weekend, then after checking all my social media sites, my head is more than awake. (Yeesh, what did I just read?)

On the days I don’t work, I wake up knowing I need to get my writing in as soon as possible. That’s when it’s quiet and my head is the clearest. On full writing days, if it wasn’t for my stomach growling, I’d write all day without stopping. The rumbling from beneath my keyboard can’t interrupt my flow, so I prepare ahead of time to eat or drink something that will keep me going for as long as possible.

As a Registered Dietitian, I know that protein and fiber take longer to digest, therefore I choose both in the morning for a power punch breakfast that will enable me to write without interruption. Two of my favorite long staying power breakfasts are Protein Shakes and Steel Cut Oatmeal. I will share with you what I do:


For my protein shakes, I know the protein is what’s going to keep me full. I buy Whey protein powder (vanilla or chocolate), one that is 100% protein (no carbs of fat) and mix it with anything I have available in the house. I use milk, although coconut milk is also one of my favorites. I plop in some Greek yogurt, Flaxseed, and whatever fruits I have. The great thing about my freezer, I have a chockfull of frozen fruit. Ever have fruit become too mushy to eat anymore? Don’t throw it out, toss it into a container and freeze it! When it’s time to make a protein shake, you’ll have a variety of fruits to add. Right now I have frozen bananas, mangoes, apples, blueberries and strawberries in my freezer waiting to be blended together.

I don’t have any exact recipes, but I love searching through my fridge to find what I can add. The protein from the milk, Greek yogurt and protein powder, plus the fiber from the fruit, keeps me going for hours. I bring it with me to my computer and drink it while I type away.

nut berry oatmeal 580

My second favorite breakfast, especially during the winter, is my Steel Cut Oats. They are crunchier and nuttier than regular oatmeal and have a nice bite to them. Yes, they do take twenty minutes to cook, but I cook them while checking all those social media sites. When they’re finished cooking, I add a lot to them as well. Fresh berries, bananas, walnuts or almonds, some more Flaxseed, and a little brown sugar or Stevia sweetener. (I’ve even added Whey protein powder to this too). It’s warm and delicious and again, high in protein and fiber. I can eat this at my keyboard while thinking and typing.

For the late nights, when the kids are asleep and I have the house to myself, I can write for hours non-stop, but again, the growling disturbs me. I find that if I keep food next to me, not only will I eat it but I won’t be tempted to get up and invade the kitchen for bad foods.


Having a large cup of water beside me at all times, plus a bowl of grapes or baby carrots, a container of blueberries, or mangoes and pineapple already chopped up, even quick fruits like apples, bananas and pears force me to eat healthy because it’s right there. When I’m in my zone, I don’t want to get up and if it’s right there in front of me, I will choose to eat that instead of strolling into the kitchen. A couple of slugs of milk (protein again) even quiets the stomach.

On those moments when you’ve hit a block in your writing and feel like strolling into the kitchen for something sinful, (Read= boredom, not hunger), I’ve convinced myself to bang out a few pushups to revive myself and get the blood flowing to my brain.

For a list of other Healthy Snacks, please check out my link to           35 Healthy Snacks:
For more Nutrition & Exercise advice, please find me at my Website:

P.S. Want some more? Here’s a post on: Why Sitting on Your Butt Can Be a Real Pain in the Ass

What do you do for Diet & Exercise?

I love hearing from you!

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