Cheating to Survive: How I Came Up With the Idea!

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I get asked A LOT how I came up with the idea for my book Cheating to Survive, along with a million questions such as:

  • Does it condone cheating?
  • Does it say cheating is bad?
  • How can you write a book about cheating?

I also get a ton of comments such as: I would never read a book about cheating! But, I have to say, it’s my most popular book. Not because there’s millions of women out there cheating on their husbands, but because people are curious.

  • Maybe they’ve felt this way or had temptations, but never acted upon it.
  • Maybe THEY have been cheated on by their husband.
  • Or, they think it’s a great payback for all the cheating husbands out there!
  • Maybe they’re having a bad year: Want to strangle your husband? Hate your boss? Kids getting on your last nerve? We’ve all been there. Regardless of the reason, women everywhere are grabbing the book and coming away with a new view on: Why Women Cheat.

I came up with the idea one summer, after driving my two daughters to camp in the morning. The 30-minute commute at 7:30am, with two cranky girls in tow, left us with a lot of radio listening. Unfortunately, my then fourteen and nine year old took an interest in shows like “To Catch a Cheater” where listeners called in to catch their significant other in the act of cheating.

As much as I hated listening to it, I took it as an opportunity to teach them both a lesson in love and relationships. What I noticed about the majority of these calls, was that most of the callers were women. Women whose boyfriends/husbands were not only cheating on them, but the men were arrogant about it. Some laughing when they got caught!

What was worse, once they got caught, some of them went as low as to insult the women, tell them it was their fault, said “too bad deal with it” and a host of other derogatory statements. After the women were humiliated on public radio, some of them begged their men to take them back or cried because they still loved them! And the men laughed harder.

I discussed each show with my daughters daily, but the images stuck with me. Hence, the creation of Cheating to Survive. Let’s turn the tables. Let’s have the women cheat on the men this time. Let them enjoy it. Fully. Let them skip down the halls, dance in the middle of the cafeteria, laugh behind their husbands’ backs.

But of course, in life, nothing is that seamless.

Meet Victoria…Heather…and Catherine, three dietitians working in the same hospital for a horrendous boss, and married to husbands anyone would want to strangle!

Cheating to Survive is not your typical contemporary romance novel. Tired of billionaires, heaving bosoms, and women wanting to end it all because their husbands dumped them for their twenty-year-old secretary?

Cheating to Survive puts the women in power:

What happens when three co-workers decide to cheat on their husbands? Will they find happiness, or will they be destroyed by the consequences?

Real Moms, Real problems. They’ll make you laugh. Make you cry. Make you Think Twice.

“Infidelity is a very sensitive subject, and the author handled it beautifully and humorously.”

Faced with discontent in your marriage, what would you do? We meet 3 dynamically different women, each floundering about in the deep-end of their marriage and wondering what will save them.

Each make the choice to explore a relationship outside their marriage, to find emotional or physical fulfillment. Heather is married to someone who places his individual achievements far above the needs of his family. Victoria is married to her high school sweetheart and though she tries to stay connected, there is no doubt that they have matured into very different people over the past thirty years. Catherine has marriage problems that stem from her past and her inability to cope with normal intimacy.

Cheating to Survive takes us on a journey where we explore the inner workings of these women’s minds and hearts and the value they place on family and love. In the end, each woman comes to their own conclusions about how the future unfolds, and it is the honesty within their circle of friendship that helps them rescue themselves.

A truly well-crafted and emotionally conceived book that encourages us not to judge but to try to understand.

What readers are saying:

“This book challenged me and my viewings because I hate cheating and find no excuse what so ever for it, but when I read this book I could put myself in the women’s perspective and understood what drove them to the point of doing what they did.”

 “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry through a lot of the book!”

” I could relate to almost every single scenario in this book. Clearly when you think you are going through something alone there are many other women going through exactly the same difficulties and emotions.”

“It’s not until the women reach their lowest points that they can start to rebuild their lives and regain some dignity.”

“It will resonate in some way with every woman on the planet.”

So, what do you say? Join the thousands of other readers who read the book, close the cover and can’t put into words what they now feel or think. It will forever change the way you think about Cheating.


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