Besides Writing Books, I Built My Own Pond! Come See How I Did it!

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Question of the Week: Are you crafty? Do you like DIY projects? Would you like to be? Share some projects you’ve done or have seen that you would like to do and let’s do some step by step guides for readers.

Due to lack of funds, I always do things on my own. Whether it’s mowing the lawn and weedwacking, to fixing sump pumps, painting walls, gardening and everything in between. One project I took on several years ago was: Building my own pond! I cant give you step by step guidelines here – it would take up 10 pages, but I will explain what I did. After Googling many different sites and buying an instructional video on it (I’m such a visual person), I went to work on the project.

First step was digging a hole deeper than 2 feet. A pond can freeze up to the top 2 feet, so it’s imperative that you go below that so the fish have a place to breath. There were so many rocks, sand and hard gravel, that it took an entire day in the heat to complete. I also made a step all around, to put plants on, but it ended up being too narrow to hold anything. (Now I just use it to step on, when I clean it).


Next, i had to buy a very heavy, thick rubber mat to fit all along the bottom, the steps, over the flat land around it, and the waterfall. It was tough because of the weight of it, and was especially difficult around the waterfall.


The hardest part was ‘gluing’ the rubber mat to the waterfall with tar. Yes, gooey tar. I tried to use gloves but it stuck to them and I had to just go in there with my fingers and attach everything. Then  you had to put in screws through this thick rubber material and tar it down. That was a nightmare. I can’t even begin to describe it.

The final step, was carefully placing 50 lb rocks up and around the pond and waterfall. The sheer weight of them, and then trying to position them correctly without smashing your fingers, while trying to make it look good and even, was another day project. One day my husband went to ‘check something out’ and removed half of them and then no one could remember which way they went back!  I wanted to kill him.


We also had to hook up a pump and a filter to clean the pond, but it never seems to work as well as when I first built the pond, and I’ve replaced it twice and I empty the entire pond 2-3 times a summer. I use algae killer, too, but, the heat and lack of shade just brews lots of green stuff.

The final step was buying the fish!  After a few mishaps, I decided to save money and just buy goldfish. I went to the fish store one year and bout 30 tiny goldfish for $5 I think, and about 10 made it. One year we actually had babies!  18 of them. It blew me away. I think the most we ever had was a total of 32, but now we have 10 again. That’s the hardest part. My daughters naming fish and then they disappear.


There are times when the filter breaks, the fish die, there’e tons of algae, the liner ripped, and you want to just cover the entire thing up with dirt, but, when it’s running well, and the fish are smiling and the lily pads are blooming, I absolutely love it. I lie next to it when I’m tanning, and when I’m reading. Then it makes it all worth while! (At least for this year.)

What DIY projects or crafts have you tackled?

I love hearing from you!

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    1. I love hearing the waterfall. Sometime si can hear it from inside!


  1. Wow; good job! All that hard work was worth it!


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