3 Weird Facts About Me!

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Welcome to the MMB Blog Hop!
Welcome from Tracy Krimmer’s Blog. If you’d like to see all the amazing book’s she’s published, check them out here: BOOKS!
Question of the Week: Tell us three things about you. What makes you unique? How would people describe you? Tell us something we don’t know about you.

#1. People call me Mary Poppins. Fun, but strict. I’m still a big kid, and love to participate in whatever my daughters are doing, but I have rules, and I expect them to be followed. Manners are extremely important, school work and cleaning up after themselves, too. But, there’s always plenty of time for fun when all is done.


#2. I have a 15yr old car but I love it. I still wash it all the time, wax it, flood it with Armor-All & Rain-X, and you know what? It still looks pretty damn good. I had to get a new windshield a few weeks ago and the man said he never saw the front area of a dashboard so clean!  I hope when I pass it on to my daughter next year, she takes good care of it. I know if it looks anything like her room, I’ll cry.


#3. I find cleaning very therapeutic. I love when people come over and say: “Where’s all your stuff?” I laugh and say: “What stuff?” I’m a big thrower-outer, I don’t collect knickknacks, and I’ve come to realize that the less you have, the less you have to clean. I just spent the day going through all my daughters and my clothes and made big piles to place in those clothing drop-boxes. When we drove to the spot, a family with 3 daughters was sitting near the curb. Instead of dumping it in the box (who knows what would happen with the clothes) I asked the man if he’d like them for his daughters. He looked so grateful and I was glad to give it to someone in my community, then have it sold to someone less needy.


What are so unknown facts about you?
I love hearing from you!
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  1. Very nice Christine. I’m not a thrower-outer to the point you are, but I do like to purge every so often. It makes everything feel better when I’ve gotten rid of things I no longer need, fit or value.


  2. I had to trim down my tendency to collect. After a few moves in quick succession, I have a lot fewer things. That said, the artist in me can always find a reason to keep something. Ugh. It’s a battle.


  3. Christine, I enjoyed your post. I need you to help me purge…I always have good intentions. I’ll start the process and do well for a short while and then I stop until the next time. I can now throw away 1.5 items for every 3. You see what I mean! Great post.


    1. thank you! I’m doing more tonight. On to the basement!


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