🍭🍡You Grabbed My Other 2 Books for Free, How About a Third?

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I hope your Valentine’s Day was good. If not….you’ve come to the right place!

For those of you that have been following my emails and taking advantage of all my freebies, giveaways, and sales, you should all have my first 2 books for free. Well now you can grab the third one for free too. From February 17 – February 21, The Bridges Before Us Will be FREE! And who doesn’t like free?

This time I’d like to ask for one small favor though. With the thousands of free books I gave away, I’ve only received 1 (one) review. 🙁  If you can leave a review on Amazon, that will be thanks enough! Plenty of you have emailed or written to me on Facebook on how much you loved the first two books, but Amazon needs to hear, too! A quickie review would be awesome.

What’s The Book About?

Frustrated with her uneventful life as a Registered Dietitian at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Samantha’s failed attempts at bringing some excitement into her days, entices her to take a walk on the wild side.

Intrigued by the scandalous lifestyle of her dynamic co-worker Cara, Samantha tries to transform herself into Cara’s sinful image. But when she finds her new path meaningless, not to mention dangerous, she looks for someone with better judgment to steer her in the right direction and it’s someone she least expects.

Can Samantha trust the newly hired employee in the Nutrition Department? A man who seems to hate everything about her? Or is he the only one that sees beneath her bad girl façade and can teach her to embrace who she really is?

Samantha’s journey through self-improvement and growth makes us evaluate our own direction in life. The Bridges Before Us is a captivating, roller coaster ride of drama, humor, and love, guaranteed to make you wonder if you have everything figured out in your life.

**Can be read as a Stand Alone or part of The Fix It or Get Out Series**

Grab for free link: http://amzn.to/20djfYz

CHRISTINE ARDIGO – Author of Cheating to SurviveEvery Five Years & The Bridges Before Us


Now in a Complete Box Set!


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